R+D+I: Unique tailor-made designs

The world around us is full of shapes and geometries. A pure state making the design at Delta a cornerstone. Our design team combines art with innovation without losing functionality, creating exclusive models that allow full customisation.

Because we can only evolve by innovating.

Delta seeks the latest trends and technologies to provide greater durability and endurance to its furniture. This is why, when assembling, Code, a nanotechnological product developed by Delta that extends the life of poly-laminate kitchen furniture is used, increasing the resistance to high temperatures and steam by 40%.


The kitchen, in five senses

  • Cabinets at different heights with customised interior design. Cabinet feet with a load-bearing capacity of up to 280kg with an expansive fastening system.

  • Waterproof wooden panels that prevent moisture in the wood.
    Hidden extractor hoods, microwave ovens and coffee-makers.

  • White, grey or anthracite-coloured drawers with a load-bearing capacity of up to 80 kg with noiseless braking mechanisms.

  • Lacquered in all shades of the NCS colour system and 25 gloss and matte poly-laminate finishes.

  • Cutlery drawers with anti-slip mat, white-lacquered steel drawers with steel or glass sides. Cymas, fixed pull handles.

Warranties. Your kitchen like the first day.

The passage of time is inevitable; nonetheless, we give you the tips to avoid the apparent deterioration of your Delta kitchen. Follow our use and maintenance recommendations to maintain that "brand new" look of your kitchen longer. Download all the details here.

In addition, and in order to ensure our customers' satisfaction, we offer a 15-year warranty in kitchen furniture and a 5-year warranty in our new range of bathroom and living room furniture lines.

ISO 14001. Environmental Management System

The Environmental Management System guarantees on-going and committed environmental protection. One of the fundamental pillars of Delta.

ISO 9001. Quality Management Systems

Delta has defined and implemented a quality management system aimed at achieving its corporate goals and the goals of its customers.

30 years of history

For over 30 years, Delta has developed kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture adapted to the requests and trends of its customers. An extensive experience, coupled with continuous improvements, makes Delta what it is today. More than 200 retail outlets in Spain and our international presence, compel Delta to face the future with a spirit of constant innovation.

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Delta was created in La Rioja with a small number of kitchen furniture artisans. In the time span of a few years and inspired by the success of their creations, their facilities were expanded, giving impetus to their activity.


The growth was so remarkable that further developments and improvements were needed in Delta, the focal points being quality and our commitment to the environment. The company then obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. The consolidation of Delta’s domestic distribution network opened the path to the export activity.


Our presence in the world of digital communications and understanding new modalities prompted the creation of exclusive models – Ártica, Kala. It is also during this period that Delta decided to expand its portfolio of products, offering a range of bathroom, closet and living room furniture lines to its customers.

Philosophy. Our team.

Experimenting to find new materials and designs, the ultimate perfection and unique quality are part of our philosophy.
Delta's objective is to achieve an excellent balance between corporate growth and its contribution to society.
It is only through this strong conviction and a sustained effort that our furniture bears Delta's warranty and commitment to quality.

We are convinced that the human's hand is essential and irreplaceable, and this is why our professionals are highly valued.
A trust that encourages taking on risks, creating and seeking new ways of developing, both personally and professionally.
Delta cares for its most valuable resource every day: the people who form part of it.

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Lunch grants

As part of our real commitment to create a home, we offer school lunch grants through the Educo foundation, which guarantee a complete and healthy meal for those children whose families cannot afford it. In Spain, there are 2.55 million children at risk of poverty and 360,000 children cannot eat meat, chicken or fish on a daily basis.

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Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Our corporate culture promotes responsibility, solidarity and positive changes. In collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, we help to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities in India. A social transformation that has become one of our priorities.

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Sustainable development

Being aware of the environmental impact and the carbon footprint, we feel the need to carefully select our suppliers. Our commitment to nature includes PEFC, FSC and Carbon Trust certifications that guarantee controlled felling of sustainable forests from origin, as well as chains of custody that promote responsible forest management practices and the reduction of carbon in manufacturing and transportation.

Ciclo de vida


Respect, personal growth and a strong working capacity and commitment are the values and principles that we share with sports. This is the reason why we help the professional team of Basket Navarra Club, ranking top 3 in the national basketball league, as well as the young promises from the senior women's team of the CB Alfaro Basket Club to understand the importance of making decisions, to train on a daily basis and to continuously battle it out to be classified.

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