Framed Lacquer

Challenging the limits.


Modelo puerta cocina dakota

Challenging the limits.

Dakota, Delta's new model has a design inspired by a sustainable and natural way of life. Our outlines are renewed at the limits of the most traditional framing.

Timelessness that blends with gentle shapes and customised colours, finishes and features of high quality. Pure traditional contemporaneity.

Foto de Cocina Dakota


Armazones personalizados en roble halifax

Enchufe escamoteable con USB
Enchufe escamoteable con USB

Cuberteros y organizadores internos de alta gama en madera
Apliques internos de bajo consumo con sensor de apertura


Modelo puerta cocina Nevada

Classical balance.

Nevada is drawn with exquisite care. A very trendy space with striking straight geometric lines. This model highlights the verticality of the space through the combination of its shades of cloud grey and oak colours. The selected pull handle, which floods this space with light, must not to be overlooked.

Nevada, by Delta, is an excellent balance between the past and the present with a profound taste for the natural. A classical framing, renewed..

Foto general Modelo Nevada
Detalle del encuentro en el costado
Detalle de las puertas para módulo rinconero
Persiana cristal blanco
Columna extraible de limpieza de 15 cm de frente
Columna extraible de limpieza de 15 cm de frente